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Entering Dinkytown at 15th and University

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Observations of 15th & University. September 21, 2010, 6:20-6:50 PM.



The "Dinkydome" anchors this corner with its 4 bold pillars and glass domed roof. The Student Bookstore occupies a ground floor corner of the building. Plywood covers two grand, ground level entrances. A regal staircase connects with the four pillars and a second floor controlled entrance.


Many people pass between the U of MN campus and Dinkytown at this intersection, from all four corners.  Droves of pedestrians and bikers come in waves, perhaps as classes let out. They appear to be mainly students--youthful, clean-cut, overwhelmingly white, the women in skinny jeans and flat sandals, the men in ball caps and college shirts. Back packs for most, cell phones and ipods for a few. They are a healthy lot. Many joggers, ones & pairs, males and females, pass quickly through. About half the bikers wear helmets. Most follow traffic signs. The threesome who did j-walk were overheard the contemplating the illegality of their actions before crossing the street. Very few smoke.


And they're eternally helpful. A woman stopped me to let me know I had left my back pack open. And those I stopped to ask if they knew anything about the Dinkydome (they didn't), if they'd ever been in there (they hadn't) were kind and patient, pointing out other "really cool" buildings I may want to check out and pausing with me to contemplate the beauty of the building and imagine what history it holds.


Yet during my observation no one (but those I accosted) stopped at this corner. No chance meetings. No sidewalk conversations. No one climbed the stairs of the Dinkydome or paused to look up at them. Just people walking, passing through.



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