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Loring Pasta Bar

Page history last edited by Erin 10 years, 1 month ago

In an article published in a recent edition of the Minnesota Daily, the owner of a local record store in the Dinkytown neighborhood of Minneapolis expressed his concern that Dinkytown is becoming increasingly commercialized and homogenized. The relatively recent introductions of chain restaurants like Qdoba, Potbelly, Bruegger's, and other similar chain restaurants would seem to validate his concern.


We have three words to rebut his contention: Loring. Pasta. Bar.


The Dinkytown staple is still going strong, serving up delicious pasta dishes and refreshing beverages in an atmosphere overflowing with artistic, eclectic, avant-garde ambience. 


This is a shot of the main entrance, featuring the stained-glass signage of the old drug store that it used to be.  Bob Dylan once had an apartment above this drug store.  Rumor has it that his apartment door was preserved and is currently the door going into to the men's bathroom. Upon closer inspection, the door appeared to have the character and distressed look appropriate for such a sociohistorical context, but the wait staff could neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of the claim.


Also, they give students an enticing 30% off any normally priced menu item!!


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