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Kitty Cat Klub

Page history last edited by Sonja 13 years, 5 months ago

Being in the Kitty Cat Klub was quite a sensory experience.

SIGHT: It's a surprisingly spacious place, winding through from the bar in the front, a stage area and dance floor, some outdoor seating off of that, then through to more seating areas and a pool table and game room.  The decor is slightly gothic, a bit reminiscent of a haunted house. There are candle stubs in wall sconces with melted wax overflowing the sides and various architectural antique pieces strewn about.  Overall it is a very eclectic appearance.

SMELL:  Much of the seating, especially toward the back (almost giving it a brothel appearance) is couches, which seem to retain the cigarette smell.

TOUCH: A very tactile environment.  Velvet couches, melted wax in sconces, gleaming wood bar area and wood floor.

SOUND: There was music playing from overhead speakers.  During most of the time we were in there, creepy, diluted organ music was playing.  This reminded me of an old scary movie.  It was like we were walking around an abandoned castle and that was the soundtrack.  Shortly before leaving, I could hear the music change to an upbeat jazz-style, swing music.

TASTE: Hours are from 4:00pm to 2:00am.  We entered around 6:15pm on a Tuesday and there were no patrons at the time.

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