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The subway is on the "fringe" of the dinkytown dining strip. The adjacent storefront (left of Subway) is a liquor store. There was also an out-of-business Hollywood Video nearby.



The decor was bright, with multicolored chairs, fake plants, and a rack of chips in a variety of packaging.




The restaurant was populated by a multicultural group of young patrons and employees. A young man came in wearing a suit. On his way in, he took off his tie. He ate. When he left, he did not put it back on.

Subway 010.MOV

Watch the Subway observation. It may take 30 seconds to load. After it concludes, please click the "back" button your browser to return to this page.


The music you heard was KQRS 92.5 FM being broadcast from two ceiling-mounted speakers. The sound was not muffled by the four ceiling fans, which made the air cool and created a visual stimulation (perpetual motion).



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