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Retail options

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Dinkytown Tatoo


CVS Chain


Retail options


Fast Eddie's Shoe Repair (they make keys, too)

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A guitar repair shop...I am unable to locate its name. But this guy is cool.


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Is this repairman based in Dinkytown? This is a fantastic model of a digital story.  This has inspired me to frame my  focus on Cumming's Books in a similar way.  Thank you to whomever posted this.


The Book House

(From Kim and Scott)


The Book House (or Bookhouse on some signs), is a bibliophile's dream. Books (and records) are piled high — even along the stairwell leading to the downstairs sections of the store. There are books, books, and more books. What there wasn't, at least not on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, were customers. One young man was looking for Kafka's works, but the only other people in the store were the owner and an employee. A better "feel" for the bookstore would be had on weekends; the store traffic is higher on weekends based on personal experience.  


Records are a newer addition to the store's inventory, but there are only a few selections. The "Elvis: Live via Satellite" was indicative of the selection: older, classic, records.


The store is one of the better-organized used bookstores in the Twin Cities. Sections are labeled clearly and individual shelves are also labeled. Fiction sections are organized by genre, then alphabetical by author or editor. Non-fiction works are grouped, sub-grouped, and sub-sub-grouped. For example, Theatre, Modern Theatre, Scripts and Writing, Reference, Style Guides. These divisions make it much easier to locate books than in the typical used bookstore. (Book Trader in the Nokomis area is a classic example of the over-stocked used bookstore — you need to ask for assistance to locate books.)







Cummings Books

(The Book House's companion source to used books)

(Click on the image below to meet the store's owner, its critters, and tour the shop.)



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