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YouTube plugin error Restaurants 


Star Tribune: Dinky in Name Only: Dinkytown restaurants


Wikipedia: Dinkytown


Minnesota Daily: Asian Restaurant Set to Simmer in Dinkytown (Pagoda: new restaurant)




Al's Breakfast, 413 14th Av.

City Pages: hash browns at Al's Breakfast


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Annie's Parlor, 313 14th Av.


Bobaboca Tea & Cafe, 1501 University Av.


Burrito Loco, 418 13th Av. SE.,  www.burrito-loco.com


Camdi Restaurant, 1325 SE. 4th St.,  www.camdirestaurant.com


Cereal World & the Minnesota Popcorn Connection, 423 14th Av. SE.,


China Express, 409 14th Av. SE.,


Chowgirls Killer Catering, 1316 SE. 4th St.,  www.chowgirls.net


Dinkytowner Cafe, 412 14th Av. SE.,  www.dinkytowner.com


Duffy's Dinkytown Pizza, 1308 SE. 5th St.,


Espresso Royale, 411 14th Av. SE., www.espressoroyale.com


Hong Kong Express, 1501 University Av. SE.,


Kafé 421, 421 14th Av. SE., www.kafe421.com


Kitty Cat Klub, 315 14th Avenue SE, www.kittycatklub.net


Little Taj Mahal, 1501 University Av. SE.,



Loring Pasta Bar, 327 14th Av. SE.,  www.loringpastabar.com


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Marrakech Cafe Coffee Shop & Mediterranean Deli, 407 14th Av. SE.,


McDonald's, 407 15th Av. SE.,


Mesa Pizza, 1323 SE. 4th St.,  www.mesapizzamn.com


Purple Onion, 1301 University Av. SE.,  www.thepurpleonioncafe.com


Shuang Cheng, 1320 SE. 4th St.,


The Steak Knife, 1327 SE. 4th St., www.steakknife.us


Thai Rocky Spring Restaurant, 425 13th Av. SE.,


Vescio's Italian Restaurant, 406 14th Av. SE., www.vescioscucina.com


Blarney Pub and Grill



This place pretends to be an Irish Pub - but it's not. It's a college town sports bar and grill with Irish flavored decor.


Now - that's not to say that it's bad; it's just not exactly what it presents itself as.


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