Pot Belly

Welcome to our Group's Dinkytown Pot Belly Review!


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1. On the way to Pot Belly

2. Outside of Pot Belly


Entrance to Potbelly                                          Looks like the place to be on game day!



          View of Potbelly from the street                                                                                                                                                                The back stairs to Potbelly


3. Inside Pot Bell

4. Pot Belly Observations





Once inside, it is time to choose. Are you hungry for an original, Big, or Skinny? While at the counter it is not unusual to hear someone order "The Wreck". 





A mixture of high and low glossy wooden top, decorated tables are scattered about the restaurant. High back chairs are neither inviting or dismissing to the occupants. Loud, upbeat music fills the space forcing students to speak loudly while sharing conversations at their table or while waiting in line.  



After observing Potbelly, the original location of The Purple Onion, we decide to journey to The Purple Onion for comparison. 


5. Outside of Purple Onion



6. Inside Purple Onion

7. Why People Like the Purple Onion

8. Final Thoughts