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Coffee Shops

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 Coffee Shops


Expresso Royale


Impressions of Bordertown



(Visit Bordertown's Web site. They're independent, nonprofit, and have amazing baked goods.)


Verbal snapshots:

This is a warm space, with natural wood beams and plastered walls. It's library- or even chapel-like, but relaxed. The lighting is indirect, provided by floor lamps and wall sconces. There is original artwork in the main room, with credits to the artist. There are tables along the walls and in the center of the room; a sofa and enclave seating surround a fireplace. The tables in the center of the room are arranged at diagonals; the feeling is distinctly not structured or institutional. The posture of those sitting in the space reflects this--some are seated at an angle in their seats, with feet up. Others are bent over books. People are alone or in groups, talking or silently reading. The space allows for a range of "ways of being."


In the counter area, the display of baked goods is prominent. A literature table also takes up a fair amount of space and features fliers advertising a range of local events and organizations. Ordering at Bordertown appears to be a casual process; the baristas do not discourage conversation. Many people have a frequent buyer punch card, which allows repeat customers to get a free drink after buying nine. (Full disclosure: I'm up to number eight. --Kasi)


Jen reflects on Bordertown and Dinkytown:

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